Industrial Networking and Identification
Basics of Ethernet
Ensuring reliable, plant wide network performance is dependent on a robust design that is equipped for all of the challenges of an industrial environment. This session demonstrates how uniquely efficient and powerful Ethernet is at enabling the highest levels of availability, security and speed that are required in industrial automation applications.
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SIMATIC Ident - Effective Industrial Identification

The Effective Industrial Identification event has been designed to offer a solid foundation in RFID and code reading fundamentals and demonstrate its application in manufacturing. By the end of the lab, students will have written and read manufacturing process data to and from an RFID tag and seen the power of the Siemens integrated HF, UFH, and code reading solutions.

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Reliable Networking

Reliable networking is the concept of making the availability of networks meet or exceed the requirements of the application. For example, office networks, discrete industrial processes, and continuous industrial processes are real-world applications that all have different levels of required network availability

This hands‐on session with step by step labs, demonstrates the setup and utilization of industrial automation hardware and software to configure, monitor and manage real world industrial networking scenarios, including: Web Based Management, Configuring a Redundant Ring, Coupling Redundant Rings, Networking Monitoring and Interconnecting to IT.
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Defense in Depth

Defense in Depth is the concept of making a control system harder to hack. The Ethernet world is becoming a more dangerous place every day, and control systems are no exception. This workshop goes through the technologies and strategies to build a more resilient industrial control system. It is based around the SCALANCE S product family.

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Learning to let go of the WireNEW! WiFi technology applied to industrial applications can solve many challenges. But applied incorrectly, it can also create much frustration for the end user. In this workshop, we will learn the basics of wireless theory while using the SCALANCE W platform to configure solid applications built on these principles. View DetailsRegister Now