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Safety Functional Examples (Part 6): Safety Drive Functions via ProfiSafe, and Read-back Signal Integration


Choosing the right safety strategy can increase machine and personnel safety, keep your systems in compliance, and improve your company’s bottom line. But in today’s hands-on environment, you need more than just a strategy, you need to understand the functional "how to" of safety. We've selected the most-asked-for topics from Siemens library of functional examples to present in an easy-to-understand format, discussing the salient concerns, specific products, the wiring approaches, and logic required to accomplish the task. This webinar, the sixth in a series, focuses on implementing the Actuator of the Safety Related Control Function. After a brief introduction, the first 15 minutes discusses Safety Drive functions via Profisafe (G120 to Safety PLC). The second 15 minutes discusses integration of the Readback Signal in a Safety PLC. The presentation will be followed by a brief Q&A period.

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019