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Saving time and money with Wireless Enabled Automation - for Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, and more...


Learn how Wireless Enabled Automation can save your company time and money on any projects requiring remote communications. This information packed 60-minute webinar will deliver what you need to know for maximum ROI using a proven approach to solving wireless automation tasks, including: Choosing the best-fit wireless technology for your application covering Industrial WiFi, Long Distance Spread Spectrum Radios, Ethernet or Serial Radios, Licensed or Unlicensed Frequencies, and more. Business Case Data comparing the cost of wired connectivity versus wireless covering capital investment, installation and maintenance costs. Combining wireless with automation products including industrial controllers (PLC/PAC), HMIs, Wireless I/O, Safety Integrated, and SCADA systems. Example applications for Solar Farm network connectivity, Water Treatment SCADA, and In-Plant Wireless Machine Automation.

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019