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Reduce Arc Flash Using Totally Integrated Automation


An arc flash explosion-emitting blinding heat up to 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit can be devestating, causing destruction of equipment, fire, and personal injury or death. According to a report from Capelli-Schellpfeffer, Inc., 5 to 10 arc flash explosions occur each day in the U.S., resulting in 1 to 2 deaths, as well as substantial damage to equipment and loss of plant production.   While it is practically impossible to completely eliminate arc flash accidents, there are strategies and new technologies that will help reduce the risk associated with arc flash.   Join us for this free 45-minute webinar where we'll take an in-depth look at the problems, challenges, strategies, and new products and technologies to lessen the potential occurrence of arc flash. You'll learn the benefits of using a "totally integrated automation" approach to mitigate arc flash risks, including: Greater understanding of arc flash, its causes and effects, how to perform arc flash calculations, and understanding NFPA and IEEE regulations and standards. Improved diagnostics. Networking and integrating a system gives more diagnostics, making it easier to troubleshoot problems. Decreased exposure to potential arc flash accidents. Better diagnostics enables personnel to make better decisions as to whether they need to open the control cabinet with power applied, thus reducing the exposure to an arc flash. Safer Setup and commissioning of equipment. With an integrated system, setup and commissioning can be done with a single network connection allowing you to stay out of the live control cabinet. Example of an integrated AC drive and the benefits of networking it.

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019