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Wireless Communications: The Sky’s the Limit


Are you concerned about data reliability, security and interoperability of wireless communication within a factory environment? An expanding number of end users are finding that with the introduction of industrial-grade wireless solutions they are able to access more real-time data, improve workforce flexibility, realize easier installation, and reduce commissioning time of automation control on their plant floor. Join us for a free 45-minute educational webinar where you'll learn about the current state of wireless technology and how it is being successfully applied-even in sensitive safety applications. This webinar will help you discover the long term gains that can be achieved through wireless communication, including improving productivity, reducing costs, and increasing flexibility. To help you acheive these benefits, you'll learn about: Standards-Which wireless standards apply for various industrial applications to meet your needs regarding communication distance and reliablity. Proven implementation-Critical control applications over wireless are already being implemented-including safety Reliability-Industrial-grade wireless solutions are as reliable as wired solutions, providing stable and predictable response times Data Security-Industry standard encryption methods provide must-have data security. Automation Environments-Wireless involves deterministic communications, rapid roaming capacilities, and ability to work in harsh environments. Site assessments-A wireless site assessment can help resolve interference and coverage issues in the planning stage.

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019