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Plant Wide Networking - What You Need to Know and How You Do it


As manufacturers migrate to Ethernet networks to gain greater connectivity of all control systems, incterconnectivity between plant and enterprise networks can pose a real challenge. This is especially the case as the majority of control systems need to interact with higher level networks with IP connectivity. The benefits, however, are substantial and worth the challenge. For instance, the immediate availability of plant wide diagnostics can reduce troubleshooting and downtime costs, resulting in significantly greater uptime and productivity. Join us for this 45-minute educational webinar to learn about the issues surrounding plant wide newroking. You'll see how to address the challenges faced, explore the most common architectures for the plant floor, and recognize the network diagnostic possibilites. More specifically, you'll benefit by gaining a bettery understanding about: Network Ownership-IT vs. Plant Engineering (definition and segmentation) Segmentation of the network (firewalls, subnets, routing, VLANs & VPNs) IT concerns (traffic, performance) Engineering Concerns (access, traffic) Network architecture and design Fault Tolerant Networks (Redundancy, reliability, security) Scalability of the network design (compact switches, rack mount, etc. ) Network management and plant wide diagnostics

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019