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The Case for Cableless Safety


The landscape for machine safety is rapidly changing, driven by innovation and corresponding changes to safety standards. These changes are impacting our industiral culture, our design approach, and our business expectations. In fact, even the decision making process for machine gaurding strategies is part of the changin landcape-resuling in substantial benefits to those who embrace these new opportunities. Join us for a 45-mintue educational webinar where you will learn valuable information about how calbleless control with safety functions can be considered for your machine safety application. Additionally, you'll see how incorporating cableless control into your safety design philosophu can reduce machine safety costs and improve overall machine safety. You'll benefit from: Discovering desirable applications and environments for cableless machine safety Exploring key issues to consider during the design process that will reduce engineering ccosts, speed time to market, and improve machine and personnel safety Understanding the changing landscape of machine safety standards, ensuring you are in compliance as well as benefitting from new safety technology Discovering your competitive opportunity-case study examples

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019