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Life Cycle Safety Engineering


Today's manufacturers are seeing their margins squeezed by challenging economic conditions, ravenous competition, expanding safety regulations, and value-conscious purchasers demanding ever lower prices. How does a manufacturer withstand such pressures? One key strategy is to decrease the total cost of ownership of capital equipment in order to drive greater profitability to the bottom line. Join us for a 45-minute educational webinar, presented by JB Titus and Associates, an industry expert in safety technology and solutions. Mr.Titu will address the end user view of capital equipment from a seven stage life cucle perspective with an emphasis on associated safety risks. The example used, brought to life via a new process from General Motors, is designed to drive a balanced approach to sustainability, productivity, and safety on a global basis. Risk assessment is a key component to the hazard analysis process and achieving eco-friendly results. Moreover, engineers are challenged to incorporate all of these requirements into a single machine design - from the spectrum of "ideas" to the "decommissioning" of their capital equipment! You will learn: About recent examples in headline news The "value" of residual risk The importance of decommissioning Why risk assessment isn't a onetime event About a 7-Stage approach that could work for you And, more....

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019