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Direct-Data Exchange Between Automation Systems and ERP/MES Database Systems Drives New Levels of Efficiency


In today's challenging economy, manufacturers are looking for means to gain a competivie advantage. One area where it is possible to gain real efficiencies is from imporved communication between production and manufacturing levels and the office and management systems. Linking data directly from these two system environments is now possible with the introduction of the SIMATIC NET Ethernet communicationprocessor CP343-1ERPC. In fact, direct data exchange in both directions between SIMATIC automation systems and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) /MES(Manufacturing Execution Systems) database systems results in improved manufacturing efficiencies and lower production costs. Join us for a free 45-minute educational webinar where you will learn about the benefits of having the SIMATIC NET CP343-1 ERPC interface to the office and management system. The CP343-1 ERPC supports connection to ERP/MES database systems and various database interfaces, e.g., Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL, and DB2 by means of firmware expansion from ILS-technology. Typical application areas for the CP343-1 ERPC with the firmware extension from ILS-Technology are: Logging of production and process data Controlling of the production process Optimization of the production process Pre-processing of data in the communication processor Connection to 3rd party devices (controllers)

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019