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An Unbiased Comparison of Siemens Safety vs. AB Safety


Safety remains an important issue for desingers and users of nearly all industrial automation equipment. It's critical to understand what safety systems can do for you -- and what options are availlable so safety systems can implemented effectively within bedgetary constraints. Every company's safety products have strentchs and weakenesses. Depending upon the specific application, a safety solution can be devised that will help you achieve your company's goals. Join us for a 45-minute webinar on Wednesday, February 23rd, where Tim Gidcumb of Advanced Engineering Inc. will provide an unbiased look at the differences between Siemens Safety and Allen Bradley's Safety systems, focusing on PLCs, but also touching on drives and software. Gidcumb has working in the industrial automation field for 12 years, developing systems that use safety equipment from these two vendors and others. Topics Discussed: Rethink the cost of entry into using powerful Safety PLCs in your application Understand how a safe PLC system can operate without the need to freeze your system at a particular firmware version Visualize achieving a safe control system that matches the hardware to the application: Need modular I/O on the machine (outside a cabinet) including safety I/O, safety rated contactors and safety rated frequency converters? Need Safety I/O in the CPU rack while still maintaining the highest safety levels? Need to include safety rated contractors and frequency converters in the I/O stations and also standalone via networked safety functions? Need flexibilityin how you integrate a system of safety PLCs, safe drives and getting safe data between everything? Understand the difference in how Siemens and AB approach safety and the positives and negatives of the different approaches Learn how one , fully integrated software environment simplifies the controls development process

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019