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Functional Safety: Importance. Compliance. Benefits.


Integrating components into new machines or currently operating equipment presents challenges for machine builders, system integrators, as well as end users. Has the component been evaluated for functional safety characteristics? Once integrated into a system, will the integrity of the system's safety level be maintained? UL's new functional safety marks address these concerns and speed up the component integration process-whether hardware or software based, helping to reduce time to market, increase safety margins, and decrease downtime. Join us for a 45-minute presentation in which Thomas Maier and Kevin Connelly of UL define functional safety, explain why it is important, discuss functional safety standardss and how to comply. Additionally, these industry experts will provide an overvieww of testing and certification programs available from UL, as well as the benefits associated with a new UL functional safety mark. Topics: Functional Safety Defined Functional Safety Standards you need to know How to achieve functional safety compliance by considering an automation system as a whole and the environment within which they operate Critical role of the functional safety assessment to determine a system's ability to meet standardss, requirements, and protect against certain potential risks UL functional safety marks speed component integration while maintaining integrity of overall system's safety level Overview of UL testing and certification programs

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019