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Achieve Higher Safety Performance Level with EN ISO 13849-1


With the expiration of EN954-1 at the end of 2011, the control categories of this standard will be replaced by the categories/performance levels of EN ISO 13849-1, titled "Safety of Machinery-Safety Related Parts of Control Systems" Designers and safety engineers are looking at existing devices and safety solutions of machinery and systems to determine if and how they can be optimized to comply with the new requirements. European safety standard for Industrial Machinery (i.e. EN 60204-1. EN ISO 12100 and others) now references EN ISO 13849-1 to be applied and complied with. This new method of evaluating the functional safety of equipment considers not only qualitative but also quantitative appraches to evaluate safety circuits. Evaluation for each feature: electrical, mechanical, hydraulic or any other nature, needs to be compliant throughout the circuit (sensing, logic, execution), considering all the life stages of the machinery as explained in the machinery directive (2006/42/EC). EN ISO 13849-1 must be applied as part of the risk assessment when carried out accoridng to EN ISO 12100, to qualify safety circuit solutions for each design feature in order to satisfy the level of risk reduction required by the risk assessment. Join us for a free 45-minute educational webinar where TUV Rheinland experts will explain the current state of the Functional Safety requirements. This webinar will help you learn how to interpret and pply the standard's requirements. Benefits: To help you achieve these benefits, you'll learn about: New approach for safety circuits, categories and definitions How risk assessment and safety circuits need to work together Basic requirements for programmable features Why is is a system requirement and not just a componenet specification to guarantee safety.

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019