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Solar Energy Technologies: Insights to Regulatory Requirements


Nowadays, it's difficult to open a newspaper, turn on the television or follow some community media outlet without hearing buzz about the latest in renewable energy prodcuts or devices. Proclamations continue to bombard us nearly everyday with mentions that a renewable energy product or device will help save the planet or help make a greener future. Regardless of your position, almost all agree that the current global situation of energy dmand growth, environmantal pollution, political/socioeconomic factors related to our current supplies of energy make it a prudent step to diversify the baseline for how we produce and spend our energy dollars. Join us for this 45-minute educational webinar presented by Richard Bozicevich and Jonathan Kotrba of TUV Rheinland. These experts will review the latest trends and requirements for regulatory and performance requirements for Solar Technologies in North America and globally. The TUV Rheinland role in the renewable space has some similar elements to its historical role as a regulatory services provider, namely to help ensure the product is safe for the consumer. However, in solar technologies, the organization's participation does not end there.  

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019