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Risk Assessments: New ISO 13849-1&2 Impacts Process and Documentation Requirements


In the world economy, requirements are chaing for production equipment that is sent abroad. Manufactureers are now being required to conduct risk assessments, document the assessment process as a matter of record, and include this report with the equipment documents in order for the equipment to sold globally. The purpose of the risk assessment process, in general, is still the same in that it asks two questions: "How safe is the piece of equipment that we designed and built?" and "What process did we use identify and mitigate the hazards found with the design?" Assessing equipment for hazards is taking on a new perspective with regard to new ISO standards being implemented on January 1, 2012 for the United States manufacturing arena. Join us for a 45-minute educational webinar where you'll learn about the current state of the risk assessment process, how the process has been applied in the past and what needs to happen moving forward in 2012. This webinar will help you discover the gains that can be achieved through implementing the new ISO standard in your business.

Date Recorded: 6/25/2019