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Is safety always complicated? Safety in TIA Portal demystifies this topic and provides cost savings


Safety systens are critical in automation control systems to ensure worker protection. But to some engineers, safety can be complicated and fraught with potential landmines, such as issues with system design, safety-level requirements, hazard mitigation (as required by machine-safety standards) and system diagnostics, as well as safety' impact on costs and productivity. Fortunately, new engineering software exists that incorporates safety-engineered solutions that can simplify safety, reduce costs, and give you a competitive advantage. Join us for a free 45-minute educational webinar for a first-hand look at Siemens TIA Portal engineering software that now incorporates safety functionality. Experience this ready-to-use safety technology and its ease of integration into a multitude of industry applications. You'll discover safety can improve system-design flexibility while maintaining compliance to safety standards, reduce downtime through integrated diagnostics, and maximize productivity. Safety is a win-win scenario that doesn't have to be complicated. To help you achieve these benefits you'll learn about: All configuration & programming tools that will give you a competitive advantage. Improving your system design using technologies that increase productivity. Utilizing integrated TUV certified function blocks to easily implement safety functions. No additional expertise needed to ensure your project's success.

Date Recorded: 8/23/2019