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Migrate to SINAMICS now! MICROMASTER 4 series drives are being discontinued


"Our markets are constantly requiring more power and performance, as well as a higher functionality from our drive systems. At some point, constraints are reached that can no longer be resolved using the existing technology — and a new approach must be found. This point has been reached with our well-proven MICROMASTER drives, which have been providing reliable service for over 25 years. It's now time to replace our MICROMASTER drives with the current SINAMICS drive family. Effective October 1, 2019, the complete MICROMASTER 4 family along with its associated options are going into product discontinuation (available as spare part status) with substantial price increase and increased delivery time. Profit from the advantages of migration from MICROMASTER to SINAMICS drives! By attending this webinar, you will: • Get details on the product lifecycle changes for MICROMASTER 4 series • Learn what tools and resources are available for a seamless migration to the SINAMICS drive portfolio • Learn the performance and functionality advantages of switching to the SINAMICS drive family • Find out about Siemens drive system retrofit for MICROMASTER, a program developed by our Customer Service group to provide tailored solutions for every machine"

Date Recorded: 4/27/2020