Level and Weighing Seminar

Level and Weighing 

The seminar will be focused on a basic overview of the principles of operation, application, and setup of level and weighing instrumentation. In addition to this, we will have demonstration equipment available for hands on experience.


Why you should attend?

This seminar is for anyone who is new to level measurement and dynamic weighing instrumentation or would like a refresher on the basic principles of operations of key level and weighing technologies. The session is provides a 6.5 hour overview of level and weighing technologies. 


At the seminar you will learn about:

  • Basic principals of operation
  • Installation guidelines
  • Applications
  • Hands on opportunity to see working demos

The following technologies will be covered:

  • Continuous level measurement:
    • Capacitance, guided wave radar, non-contacting radar, ultrasonic
  • Point Level
    • Ultrasonic, capacitance, mechanical
  • Weighing
    • Belt scales, solids flow meters, weigh feeders
  • Process Protection
    • Motion sensing, acoustic sensing