SIMATIC Ident - Effective Industrial Identification



The Effective Industrial Identification event has been designed to offer a solid foundation in RFID and code reading fundamentals and demonstrate its application in manufacturing.  By the end of the lunch and learn lab, students will have written and read manufacturing process data to and from an RFID tag and seen the power of the Siemens integrated HF, UHF, and code reading solutions.


The purpose of conducting the Effective Industrial Identification Lunch and Learn event is to provide the following benefits:


For the customer, they will learn:

  • How Industrial Identification can provide real value to their organization manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • About RFID  and code reading fundamentals, providing a technical background on RF physics, readers/antennas/tags, and system integration.
  • How businesses can effectively utilize RFID and code reading in order to track & control a part’s routing through the manufacturing system
  • How bottlenecks and loss can be eliminated
  • How to structure memory in an RFID tag to match their organization’s needs