Machine Level HMI Hands-On Including 

TIA Portal

This event will introduce the attendee to the best in class SIMATIC HMI Panel hardware portfolio and its award winning WinCC V13 SP1 (in TIA Portal) Engineering Software. Attendees will learn about the pow-erful features included in the integrated visualization solution offered by SIMATIC HMI. In addition, attendees will get the chance to interact with the hardware/software and learn things like creating pop-ups, slide-ins, alarms, faceplates, trends, interfacing a Siemens HMI to a Rockwell PLC and more.

Agenda (3 hour - Workshop)

- 1 hour presentation

    •    Hardware Overview
    •    Software Overview

- 2 hours hands-on

    •    Interfacing Siemens HMI with Rockwell PLC & device Change
    •    Faceplates and Library
    •    Pop-Up Windows and Slide in Screen
    •    Trending and HMI Alarms o Remote Monitoring, Control and Backup
    •    Using an HMI in the TIA Portal to Connect to a PLC Configured in Step 7 V5.5