Sinamics DCM (6RA80) Marketing Class

The course is a combination of instruction and hands-on exercises aimed at developing job-related knowledge and skills. The hands-on activities are carefully structured to provide course participants with significant exposure to basic drive operation and associated operating characteristics.  This course will enable the participant to properly select the correct drive for the application utilizing Catalog D23.1, the Configuration website, and the electronic documentation provided at the class.  Instruction will cover the functions of the converter and the interfaces available.  After learning how to quickly and reliably commission the 6RA80, attendees will learn how to adapt the parameter settings to match the application and the DC motor.  A review of the fault diagnostics available with the 6RA80 and rectification methods will enable the attendee to better support the 6RA80 at their customer.



·    Basics of DC Drives

·    Introduction to the New SINAMICS DCM

·    Important literature and reference material

·    New features and options vs. 6RA70

·    SINAMICS DCM Pro demonstration

·    Commissioning of drive through Starter

·    Optimization / tuning

·    Commissioning through the AOP30 (option)

·    Configuring analog and digital I/O

·    Diagnostics features in Starter

·    Parameter backup and restoration & Firmware upgrade

·    SINAMICS Link Peer to Peer connection (time permitting)